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Four Seasons Construction is a family based company that began business in 1984. Customers needs and opinions guide our everyday decisions. Concentrating on one job at a time allows us to produce top quality work and maximize customer satisfaction. We consider each customer a unique part of our working team. 

Jack, the founder of Four Seasons Construction has been in the field since 1972. He has traditionally signed jobs through word of mouth. This allows the company to focus on building rather than advertising.


Kevin, the oldest son in the family, has been in the field since 1996. He brings to the group his experience and artistic eye to help develop custom designs and architecture.


John, the youngest son in the family, has been in the field since 2000. His hard work and determination gets jobs done in a timely manner.  


Jack, Kevin, and John are licensed in both commercial and residential construction and are fully insured. 


Contact us :

Call us: Office - 978-667-5378
            Cell - 978-580-1025

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